How to Contribute

Contribute lessons or content

We encourage you to contribute to this resources site! One place you could easily contribute is by adding to our Vocabulary and Acronyms page. The page lists some of the terms encountered during the tutorials. Enrich this vocabulary by contributing to it so that it is up to date and useful for you!

You can add more terms to the Vocabulary and Acronyms page (or add resources to other pages) by submitting a pull request to the GitHub project repository that contains the material for this website, as described in the steps below.


  1. Navigate to the learning-resources GitHub project

  2. Click on the Fork button, present at the right side top. This will create an exact copy of the repository under your GitHub username

  3. Navigate to the forked repository in your profile. It should look something like your-github-username/learning-resources

  4. Modify the docs/reference/ file by adding your favourite terms to it!
  5. On the home page of the forked repository, click on the "New Pull Request" button. This should lead to a page showing changes in your forked repository (your-github-username/learning-resources) and icesat-2hackweek/learning-resources. Review the changes

  6. Click on the 'Create Pull Request' button

  7. This will redirect you to a template, where you need to describe the changes in your pull request (PR). Mention the title and description of the change and click on 'Create Pull Request' button.
  8. Post this, you just have to wait and watch! If your pull request gets approved, then Congratulations! you made a contribution to open source :D