This tutorial is in development and this page is being continually updated. You may visit our 2019 Git/GitHub tutorials for details on what will be taught.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Git
  • GitHub vs. Git: basic overview of how to operate within GitHub websites vs. local operations with Git via command line
  • Single-user workflows
  • Example to illustrate the above: syncing your own work from laptop/work desktop/HPC
  • Collaborative workflows
  • Dealing with common Git problems
  • General best practices


Time Section Summary
15 min Getting started Review of the command line, filesystem navigation and JupyterLab environment
15 min Git fundamentals Basic concepts of commits and repositories, working with init/diff/add and commit.
20 min Group Activity In small groups, everyone experiements with adding and committing to a test repository, learning about merge conflicts.
20 min GitHub in the Hackweek Demonstrate specific Git workflows relevant to the upcoming hackweek tutorials and projects
10 min Summary Overview of what comes next and discussion of common challenges and frustrations if this is new!